Mapped Context & Real-Time Events

Detailed mapping of the physical world is crucial to create valuable data. We connect to available (real-time) data sources and automatically detect relevant events to serve you with important insights.

Mapped Context

Know the world digitally

Ports & Processes

Get the full picture of all of your operations. In collaboration with industry experts, we have mapped port infrastructure and maritime processes related to the port call, terminal operations and the vessel voyage. The detailed mapping is the foundation for real-time event detection.

AIS and Hydro Meteo

Get in control! Positional information on vessels (AIS) and information on the weather, currents and tides provide valuable insights to allow you to be proactive and in control of the operational processes. 

Port Community Systems

Connections with port community systems and other relevant information platforms provide you with detailed insights in port planning, the availability of various resources and port notices. 

Real-Time Event Detection

Automatic and digital insights

Real-time & Automatic

Always at your fingertips, no delays, no manual data-entry. Smart algorithms based on AI and Machine Learning process vast amounts of data, continuously and in real-time. Based on the mapped context of ports and processes we create real-time insights. This way, you reduce costs and defy errors in your data.

Event Detection

Get realt-time updates, all the time. We continuously filter, process and combine many of our data feeds. This results in real-time information on what is happening where in the maritime world. We locate events and share them in your timestamps.

Monitor everything

Stop spending time searching for delivery information. Make it sail your way. Our systems capture and store relevant events in operational processes. This enables event monitoring and provides you with flexible and personal updates.

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