Mapped Context & Real-Time Events

To support the maritime industry with actionable data requires detailed knowledge on how the world actually looks and acts. This includes capturing how the industry refers to the infrastructure, processes and applicable rules and regulations.

In the solution “Mapped Context & Real-Time Events” a detailed mapping of the physical world is made and activities and processes are captured and recorded. We connect to available (real-time) data sources. Relevant events are automatically detected by combining the data in real-time and serve as the basis for required insights.

Mapped Context

Know the world digitally

Insight is the first step in the journey to improve port and maritime operations. A lot of data is already publicly available. Mapping bundling, linking and de-conflicting the data creates a valuable source for your data-driven business. 

Ports & Processes

In collaboration with industry experts port infrastructure and maritime processes have been mapped related to the port call, terminal operations and the vessel voyage. The detailed mapping is the basis for real-time event detection.

AIS and Hydro Meteo

Positional information on vessels (AIS) and information on the weather, currents and tidal information provide valuable insights to be proactive and in control on the operational processes. 

Port Community Systems

Connectivity to port community systems or other relevant information platforms provides detailed insights in port planning, the availability of various resources and port notices. 

Real-Time Event Detection

Automatic and digital insights

AI and ML algorithms automatically detect events in real-time providing the insights in your business to take the next steps in digitizing maritime processes. 

Real-time & Automatic

Smart Algorithms based on AI and Machine Learning process continuously and in real-time vast amounts of data. Based on the mapped context of ports and processes real-time insight is created. Always available, no delay, no manual data-entry and reducing costs and errors in the data.

Event Detection

Many data feeds are continuously filtered, processed and combined. This results in real-time events on what is happening where in the maritime world. Events are stored and are input for the timestamps that are being generated.

Monitor everything

Relevant events in operational processes are captured and stored. This enables event monitoring and enables flexible and personal updates on the information you require. Stop wasting time looking for delivery information. Make it come to you.

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