About us

We are Teqplay. Your trusted partner in maritime insights.

From generation to generation, we pass on the passion for the harbour. The sheer size of the ships, the force of the machinery, the engineering excellence of the people. It makes us proud. We must never lose this pride. But it shouldn’t stand in the way of making changes and improve what we are doing.

  • We can work smarter.
  • Be more efficient.
  • Innovate. 

We are Teqplay. Your trusted partner in maritime insights. Founded in 2015 by Léon Gommans and Richard van Klaveren, and headquartered in Rotterdam, it is our mission to reduce waste in the global shipping industry by making maritime data actionable and fostering collaboration. We believe that by combining technology, data and knowledge of the maritime world we can move the industry forward, increase sustainability, and help you and your company improve your results.

  • We help you reduce waste.
  • Increase utilization.
  • And reduce costs. 

By working together, innovating and creating products that align 100% with your needs we help you to ensure that your maritime operations are future-proof. We have proven the value of our solutions within a local scope and are currently scaling our business to a global level. This way, we want to ensure that the next generations can share your maritime pride. Teqplay. Connecting the dots.

Where to find us

Van Nelleweg 1, 3044BC Rotterdam

We are based in the beautiful Unesco World Heritage site the “Van Nelle Fabriek”, an extraordinary concrete, steel and glass structure. Designed for entrepreneurship, designed to innovate. An inspiring place to work and visit.

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