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Videos & Webinars

Watch our videos and conversations on the maritime industry.



Conversation with Vopak

Teqplay's CEO Leon Gommans and Vopak CIO's Leo Brand have a conversation on various aspects of the maritime industry. From its context and the technology, to the transformation, the value, and the future.

After the webinar, you will have a clear idea on how you can improve predictability and the efficiency of your maritime operations.


Overcome Resistance to Change

Understanding Maritime Expenses

Complexity of Implementing Change

Be the Hero of Your Own Success

Port Call Optimization

What is port call optimization?

Who benefits from port call optimization?

Why digitalization matters

Smart Ports

What is smart?

Why data driven decision making and resilience are important

How can Teqplay contribute in making ports smarter?

Future of Shipping

Why is digitisation such an important trend in the maritime industry?

How can data provide a competitive advantage?

Learn how to expose and eliminate waste and risks in your operations.