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Read our latest insights on waste, collaboration, technology and more in the maritime industry.

An overview of maritime technology

The maritime industry is undergoing a significant transformation as new technologies are introduced to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. In this overview, we will examine the key technological trends that are driving the future of the maritime industry.

Digital twin data

Digital twin technology is rising in popularity in the maritime sector, but at the core of this development is the challenge of data management. Will the maritime industry overcome this challenge and achieve the full potential of digital twin technology?

Maritime Data Transparency

Full situational awareness, planning optimization, and risk management in shipping are difficult to do without transparency. To enable data transparency, digitization and data sharing are key.

Vopak Use Case

Together with Vopak’s rich experience in maritime digitalization and Teqplay’s passion for innovation, this use case demonstrates our collaborative efforts, the challenges we faced, and the promising future ahead.

Dry bulk supply chain

Dry bulk is a crucial component of the maritime supply chain, providing the transportation of essential goods such as raw materials, food, and construction materials to various parts of the world.

Learn how to expose and eliminate waste and risks in your operations.