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Alongside suppliers; the real source of delay?

Alongside suppliers… We like to think they’re the reason why your port calls always take unnecessarily long… But is it legitimate? When we talk about optimising the port call, we also talk about alongside suppliers. The cause of delays, the reason for a lot of communication and difficult for them to fulfil agreements.  But I wonder if this is the real cause of delay, and it is surprising that suppliers say the same about their customers’ port calls.

Port Calling and the art of cooking

During my holiday in France, I was able to feast on the delicacies the country has to offer.
I like to cook in my spare time and on the weekends, and trips like this give me new inspiration for cooking. Cooking is in many ways similar to the maritime supply chain. How? A number of things are essential for obtaining the best possible results. Think about timing, the right tools such as pans and knives and – of course – fresh ingredients.

Poor ETA’s: a risk for your business

I am a lover of social discomfort. Discomfort breaks down barriers and situations that have been maintained unnecessarily for a long time. It also brings humour or new insights to many situations. This blog is about social discomfort, and integrating high quality ETA’s as a key component to be in control of your terminal operations.

Informed Decision Making: this is how you create your unfair advantage in port calls

The common mantra in the shipping industry is that the world is unpredictable and complex. The industry sticks to its firm belief that the capability to react to unexpected changes delivers the actual value. But what if you can be truly proactive? Informed decision making is the way forward. This is how you do it, in 7 steps.

The four challenges for Agencies

In our role of service provider, we have the luxury of meeting great people and companies all over the world. Besides local differences, we see the role of the agent being of equal importance between Singapore, the USA, Scandinavia and the ARA region. Personally I always make the comparison between the agent and the conductor of an orchestra. Yes, all the musicians know how to play their part, but you need the conductor to guide and keep the beat. We identify four challenges for agencies.

Law enforcement trough technology

The following reads like the screenplay of an exciting book, and pattern detections and AI can do very cool things for you too. Read along about drug smuggling and the possible use of artificial intelligence and technology to counter it and be inspired on how you could improve your maritime business and operations.

Nature: a surprising source of inspiration for maritime supply chains and port calls

Ever seen how nature creates and manages complex, efficient and sustainable ecosystems? It is fascinating. The maritime supply chain, including port calls, is also a very complex, competitive and collaborative system, with a great variety of stakeholders, each with its own interests. These are the valuable insights that the maritime industry can learn from nature in order to reduce waste and create a sustainable industry.

Create & Innovate: align on goals and engage | Episode 1: RiverGuide

Solutions we launch are co-created with our clients. We believe this close collaboration with clients and users is the way to create products that will serve the needs to the fullest. One of the first big projects of Teqplay was RiverGuide. Together with two members of the RiverGuide steering committee, Ben Röhner (Port of Rotterdam) and Paul van der Maat (Rijkswaterstaat) we go down memory lane.

Sail the world!

Rotterdam is our homebase, but now the moment has come to physically sail the digital world. It’s time to globally roll-out our smart solutions for the maritime industry, starting with Singapore!

The sky’s the limit … dedicated to go beyond

What happens when one of the world’s largest space to cloud analytics companies and a world-leading innovator in Port Call and Maritime Supply Chain Optimization join forces? The only right answer: interesting things!

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