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From APMT: Getting our customers back underway
- Reducing time in port with data

In the presentation from APM Terminals (APMT) in Navigate 2024, James Wroe, Head of Hub Investment and Digital Transformation, highlighted a challenge they encountered: the overemphasis on price over quality in terminal operations. James shed light on APMT and Teqplay’s collaboration to address this issue through a comprehensive strategy aimed at eliminating waste & risk in cargo movement and enhancing port turnaround times.

In his work, James observed a critical aspect often overlooked in discussions between terminal operators and shipping lines—the neglect of quality and efficiency metrics beyond monetary concerns. While pricing discussions dominate, factors like port turnaround times, reliability, and fuel efficiency are equally crucial for shipping lines. Recognizing this gap, APMT embarked on a mission to redefine operational excellence.

At its core, APMT operates with a lean methodology, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and problem-solving. Over the years, this approach has yielded tangible results, evident in the consistent enhancement of port productivity across its transshipment hubs.

Then, James addressed an important realization: without a standard benchmark or reference point, claims of being the “best operator” lack credibility. APMT’s strategic shift towards offering the best product to shipping lines necessitated a recalibration of their approach. This journey towards operational excellence spurred collaboration with Teqplay, initially focused at ETA prediction but evolved into a broader exploration of port efficiency optimization.

We aim to offer the “Best Product to Shipping Lines”

Central to this endeavor was the delineation of the port call process and the identification of the right KPIs. By leveraging data sources from AIS and APMT’s own data, the initiative sought to delineate port stays into constituent parts and identify areas of waste and improvement opportunities. The result was a comprehensive visualization dashboard, providing real-time insights into port performance metrics, including waiting times, berth stays, and other vessel activities.

Moreover, APMT and Teqplay extended this analysis beyond internal operations, incorporating comparative assessments of competing terminals. This holistic view empowered them to benchmark their performance against industry standards and drive targeted interventions for efficiency enhancement.

Through this effort, APMT aspires to realize the vision of offering the best product to shipping lines—a vision anchored not just in rhetoric but in demonstrable operational excellence. The journey towards port efficiency is ongoing, underpinned by a commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration with industry partners like Teqplay.

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