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API & Technology

Illustration of digital twin with 3 layers: physical world, digital world, documents

Digital Twin

The foundation of our technology stack is the Digital Twin of all vessel and cargo movements, world wide. It syndicates, aggregates, contextualizes the data from many real-time sources, like AIS, sea and weather information, port planning etc. The Digital Twin forms the single point of truth for monitoring and event detection and enables a global and 24/7 monitoring of the maritime industry and its operations.


Our predictions capability shows when events are expected to happen in the near future within maritime processes. It provides insights in ETA, ETB, ETD, or potential tender of a Notice of Readiness. Predictability is the cornerstone for a reliable port and cargo operation.

Illustrations of statement of facts and timestamps of various maritime events


The digital twin automatically creates timestamps of relevant events in the cargo and vessel movement. These timestamps are the objective and independent source for the eSOF and provide you with the data required to monitor and manage operations, or the data to run your improvement programs.

Control Tower

Get real time views on your process KPIs, including alerts on exceptions, potential conflicts, thresholds and outliers. Our control tower monitors potential outliers and conflicts, picks them up immediately and alerts you directly when needed.

Maritime Intelligence

Our comprehensive maritime data warehouse allows us to create detailed insights including the benchmarking on relevant KPI’s with other ports, terminals, vessels, and fleets. This provides insights into trends and the actual performance of the market and competition.


With a REST API, Teqplay will fit seamlessly into your tech stack with minimal time spent on set-up and maintenance. Integrating our context brokering solutions means you can choose Best of Breed without sacrificing efficiency.

Learn how to expose and eliminate waste and risks in your operations.