Better insights.
Less waste.

Port call reporting services for real-time insights and predictions to make the best informed decisions.

“We saved up to 11 hours within a port call.”


We understand your world

We have in-depth international and local knowledge of the maritime industry. We understand the challenges you face.

Proven technology

Our products have been optimized for over 7 years. Serving hundreds of clients worldwide.

Reduce waste

By optimizing processes and asset utilization, we help you to be cost-efficient, reduce your workload and reduce environmental impact.

Independent data

You can be assured of independent data – there is no arbitrary in the data you receive. You only receive data relevant to you.


Connecting the dots

We are Teqplay. Your trusted partner in maritime insights. We believe that by combining technology, data and knowledge of the maritime world we can move the industry forward, increase sustainability, and help you and your company improve your results.

"From generation to generation, we pass on the passion for the harbour.
Let’s add tech and become even more proud of what we can do. Now and in the future."


Tailored to Your Needs

Shipping Lines

Shorter Port Stay – Insights to keep your vessels on the move.


Increase asset & staff utilization – Insights to plan and adjust.

Service Providers

Increase asset & staff utilization – Insights to plan and adjust.


In control and proactive on port calls – Insights to service customers.

Port Authorities

In control and proactive on port calls – Insights to service customers.


Need to simplify the processing of cargo quotation requests?

To increase your chances of winning the deal you need to process all mails: as many as and as quickly as possible. To spot and close the best opportunity your staff is continuously reading, interpreting, assessing and matching all those mails. Vessel Matcher automates this task and supports your team. Real-time e-mail processing and direct linking cargo to relevant vessels. The only thing your team needs to do is to make the offer that can’t be refused!


Need a comprehensive planning tool?

Planning is the first pillar for operational excellence in your maritime operations. It’s the starting point for what is expected to happen and what everyone is supposed to do. Real-time monitoring of the maritime operations based on the plan and keeping everyone informed on plan and execution is the second pillar.

Clear visual planning for terminals, fleets and vessel-to-vessel operations, including potential deviations in arrival, provide the planner and operator with overview and detailed insight. Stakeholders have insight and can pro-actively be informed. In control on your maritime operations. 

“ … what is monitored gets done: being actively and real-time informed on what is happening during your port call shortens the port stay”
“... knowing things in advance always makes a safe bet, the predictability Port Reporter offers is saving expensive man hours”


Best-of-Breed Solutions

Teqplay drives efficiency, collaboration, and performance in port calls. Easily integrate with in company or other business applications to create a best-of-breed solution that optimizes port call performance.

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