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Digital intelligence: know & adapt in real-time

Digitization and real-time information open the next level in decision making and create new opportunities.  Leverage the power of AI and analytics on the data in the context of your business. Improve asset utilization, reduce waste on labor and fuel and spot new opportunities in real-time. Teqplay creates the insight and tools to collaborate and compete to win your game in the maritime industry.


In control and pro-active terminal operations. Visual planning, active monitoring, notifications and real time insight in KPI's.

Agents & Service Providers

In control and pro-active in your port calls, from arrival to departure. Insight and overview in status and progress of port call operations.

Shipping Lines

Fleet planning and monitoring. Attract the right cargo: insight in port call performance, risks on delay, demurrage and port congestion.

Port Authorities

A digital twin of your port providing insight in port operations and performance. Creating digital building blocks for the port of the future.


Innovate in co-creation

Deep knowledge of the business in combination with the data and technology is required for a successful digital transition of the maritime industry. Teqplay has committed itself to this transition. We inspire with successes and working solutions, based on data and our technology. Together with our clients we explore the world to spot potential business opportunities. We are curious and want to know and learn all about your business and challenges.  Co-create the world of tomorrow!


Real-time Insight & Timestamps

Insight is the first step in the journey to improve port and maritime operations. A lot of data is already available, e.g. AIS-information and weather information. With the help of AI and data science, a real-time digital twin of the port and port operations has been created. This provides insights and timestamps to start to take the next steps in digitization of the maritime processes. 


Planning and Monitoring

Planning is the first pillar for operational excellence in your maritime operations. It’s the starting point for what is expected to happen and what everyone is supposed to do. Real-time monitoring of the maritime operations based on the plan and keeping everyone informed on plan and execution is the second pillar.

Clear visual planning for terminals, fleets and vessel-to-vessel operations, including potential deviations in arrival, provide the planner and operator with overview and detailed insight. Stakeholders have insight and can pro-actively be informed. In control on your maritime operations. 



More and more data is becoming digitally available. AI and data science provide many new relevant insights for the planning of the operations.  It is the combination of the publicly available data with internal business data that results in even more powerful predictions. Predictions on ETA, ETD and improve the quality of planning. Knowledge on the risk of running into delay due to congestion at the terminal or other resource constraints allows for better decision making


Real-time Feedback & KPI'S

Measurement of performance is essential to continuously improve maritime operations.  Key maritime processes on port call and voyages have been mapped into Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The timestamps enable real-time feedback on the KPI’s. It allows you a whole new level of monitoring your maritime operations. Trends and relevant changes can be detected when they occur.  Real-time performance tracking in clear visual dashboards for infrastructure, terminal, port call and fleets.

Continuously improving operations!


Maritime Intelligence

The data is telling the story of the world. The combination of maritime knowledge, the vast amount of data and technologies like AI, machine learning and data science reveal new insights on the maritime world. The story of ports, terminals. fleets and cargo can be made visible both in reports and interactive dashboards.


Routeplanning & Navigation

Data is everywhere and as a result, you also have to look everywhere in the daily operations. By the bundling of numerous sources the information can presented in the context of the trip. Depth, tidal information, operating times of bridges and locks are taken into account to calculate the optimal route and predict arrival times.

The routeplanning algorithms support planners with the planning and are used in navigation apps for barging and recreational skippers.


Vessel Matcher

To increase your chances of winning the deal you need to process all mails: as many as and as quickly as possible. To spot and close the best opportunity your staff is continuously reading, interpreting, assessing and matching all those mails. VesselMatcher automates this task and supports your team. Real-time e-mail processing and direct linking cargo to relevant vessels. The only thing your team needs to do is to make the offer that can’t be refused!

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