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Do you understand your waste in port?

Expose & Eliminate Waste and Risk in Cargo Movement

Optimize port calls & cargo movement

The cost of moving cargo is high with waste being significant, not understood and accepted as a cost of doing business. Many companies do not fully understand the scale of the waste, the complex processes and the potential savings. Overlooking the 'what' and 'why' behind port times and port cost results in avoidable waste and risks.

Visibility & predictability

Moving cargo is a highly collaborative and complex process that involves dozens of parties. It is conducted in an environment of lack of transparency, manual data entry, limited technologies and is reactive. There is a lot of reliance on third parties, misinformation with multiple sources of truth. Much of the communication is still conducted using traditional methods, like emails and phone calls resulting in duplication of data and is error prone and hard to date mine. Not having the right insights at the right time results in significant waste and risks.

Implementing change

Change in any context is difficult. People see change as a threat, as exposing them and disrupts their normal routine and patterns. The status quo is the easy way out. However not making use of subject matter expertise, technology and new insights will hurt a company’s bottom line, competitiveness and create exposure to risk.

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Port Turnaround Optimization

Port Turnaround Optimization (PTO) is the cornerstone of efficient maritime cargo operations, playing a vital role in exposing and quantifying waste. This enable actions to minimize costs, maximize throughput, and a competitive edge. Our subject matter experts work with the customer, meticulously monitoring timestamps, and processing statement of fact data. The goal is to expose inefficiencies and hidden time in port turnaround times, contracts, and processes, as well as optimize costs and risks in the cargo movement.

Port Cost Optimization

Optimizing port costs goes beyond numbers – it's about making maritime operations transparent, removing conflicts of interest and compliance risk. With Port Cost Optimization (PCO), we can help customers benchmark their port costs across 490 ports in 90 countries. We expose hidden costs in port, leading to smarter choices. Saving on port fees doesn't just help the bottom line, but also ensures compliance and reduces risks in the maritime sector.

Operational Tooling

The operational processes for managing the movement of a cargo are complex, reactive, lack predictability and transparency. Information is protected and used as a competitive advantage or as a tool to increase financial reward at the expense of other stakeholders. Communication and collaboration between parties is manual, duplicitous and is resource intensive. Teqplay has developed a suite of digital tools that address this problem and allows customers to streamline the pre-fixture, cargo operations and post fixture processes.


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Learn how to expose and eliminate waste and risks in your operations.