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Do you understand your time in port?

Port Turnaround Optimization

Port Turnaround Optimization

Expose & Eliminate Time in Port

Many companies overlook the 'what' and 'why' behind port times, resulting in costly waste. Teqplay's AI and data-driven Port Turnaround Optimization (PTO) approach and technologies reveal hidden time in SOFs, tap into our global port network to validate entries accuracy, and offer the highest degree of accuracy and deep insights into turnaround time and its cost.

"We have exposed $48M due to idle time waste."



"We have identified up to 32 hours of unethical NOR's tendered."

Ship Owner

Ship Owner

"We have identified potential saving on quay up to 4 hours by improving vessel exchange."



Key Issues

The statement of fact is manually recorded, not standardized and not adequately digitized and can be manipulated

Scale of the opportunity cost port turnaround times is not understood

Low predictability on PTT and thus ETD

Cost of time in port is significant and accepted as a cost of doing business

Port and berth incidents and idle times not fully understood

Data is reliant on manual entry


Increased idle time versus productive time

Hard to run improvement programs

Error-prone and unvalidated data

Risk when selecting ports and terminals

Lack of transparency of port and vendor performance

Difficulty in differentiating

Increased demurrage

Negative impact on CII-rating

Time/cost allocated incorrectly

Increased carbon footprint

Don’t understand turnaround performance vs peers

Exposure to laycan cancellation

Want to better understand the implications?


Provide line of sight

Using our subject matter experts, sophisticated timestamps and our global port network, Teqplay is able to determine and quantify the value of the waste being incurred on your cargo movements in port.


Now that we know there is waste, we continue to calculate the specific inefficiencies and causes of waste.


With clear insights into what and where the waste is, we start to implement a system to help you mitigate it.


Detailed time and cost on the waste in port calling

Understand financial impact of waste

Detailed analysis of port and berth turnaround times and delays

Ability to understand “hidden time”

Ability to optimize demurrage versus freight

Ability to understand port terminal performance and performance vs peers

Digital foundation for improvement

Insight where to improve planning and operations

Baseline for performance measurement of port vendors and facilities

Want to know your exposure?