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Do you understand your cost in port?

Port Cost Optimization

Port Cost Optimization

Expose & Eliminate Hidden Cost in Port

Teqplay's Port Cost Optimization (PCO) service disrupts industry norms and unveils hidden port costs utilising our intimate knowledge of port agency, our extensive partner network, and our innovative approach. We empower cargo owners, ship owners, and ship managers across 496 ports worldwide to increase margins and reduce compliance risk.

"We have identified average savings up to 7.5% on commercial calls."

Ship Owner

Ship Owner

"We have identified average savings up to 11% on husbandry calls."

Ship Manager

Ship Manager

"We have identified average savings up to 14.5% on time chartered vessels."



Key Issues

The shipping industry relies on the Port Agent to procure most port services and to invoice services through a Disbursement Account (DA)

Tendency for the Port Agent to charge for services that weren’t provided

Customers funds are not ringfenced and can be used as cashflow by some Port Agents

Hidden revenue can also be earned through foreign exchange

The Port Agent charges an agency fee to procure services and handle logistics and documentation requirements

Tendency for the Port Agent to agree a rate with vendors for services which is lower than the amount billed to the customer

Not uncommon for the hidden cost/revenue to be shared between stakeholders and in some cases given as personal reward


Higher costs/lower margins/reduced cashflow

Unintentional exposure to corruption, bribery and fraudulent practices

Third party financial default risk

Lack of transparency in how customers’ funds are being used

Services coordinated in an environment of conflicting interests

Increased risk of compliance failures

Imperfect agency agreements

“What the eyes do not see the heart will never know” approach

Want to better understand the implications?


Provide line of sight

Our low cost, low resource overhead stage 1 approach provides a qualitative insight into the amount of hidden costs you are exposed to in your port costs and provides line of sight to potential savings and compliance risk.


Now that we understand the potential waste, we work with the customer to determine further the opportunities for improved margins from port costs.


Using our subject matter expertise and extensive network we work with the customer to establish a baseline of true port costs and to realise improved margins.


Minimal disruption to customer operations while providing line of sight to value generation

Best case scenario:
- Customer gains peace of mind they are paying a fair price
- Customer gains peace of mind compliance is in order

Improved understanding of funding exposure and risks

Improve port agency strategies

Benchmark port costs against your peer group

Worst case scenario:
- Customer generates significant savings on port costs and Forex
- Customer understands compliance exposure/third party default risk

Improved understanding of working capital use and opportunities

Reduce conflicts of interest

Want to know your exposure?