eSOF & Timestamps

Timestamps are your perfect alert. Once a relevant event is detected, our system creates a timestamp. This is the actual representation, based on sensor data, of what happens in the real world. The automatically generated Statement of Facts (eSOF) lists multiple timestamps. 

eSOF & Timestamps

The start of digitizing your business

Real-time & Automatic

Timestamps are created 100% automatically in real-time. This enables you to monitor maritime processes on the spot. No delays, direct feedback and no manual data-entry allows you to reduce costs and errors in your data.

Event Detection

Your timestamp is always accurate. We continuously filter, process and combine many data feeds. This results in real-time information on what’s happening where in the maritime world. 


Together with industry experts both the port infrastructure and the maritime processes have been mapped related to the port call, terminal operations and the vessel voyage. The detailed mapping is the skeleton of the digital twin.

Digital Twin

The data to bootstrap improvements

Insight is the first step in the journey to improve port and maritime operations. A lot of data is already available, e.g. AIS-information and weather and tidal information. With the help of AI and data science, events are automatically detected in real-time and timestamps are created. This provides the data to start to take the next steps in digitization of the maritime processes.

Global and 24/7 monitoring of the maritime industry and its operations result in a real-time digital twin of the port and port operations.

Monitor Everything

Get information on relevant events in operational processes. This enables you to monitor them real time, which saves you time looking for information. Make the information come to you.

Find out what happened

Unexpected things happen. With the help of timestamps, you get detailed insights in the event, which helps you to analyse the situation and learn from it.

Optimizing operations

Deep-dive into the performance of your operation by analysing the data that we continuously collect and store for you. This way, you reduce the slack in your operations and increase the utilization of your assets.

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