eSOF & Timestamps

Once relevant events have been detected, timestamps are created. The timestamps are the factual representation, based on sensordata, of what actually did happen in the real world. Timestamps can either reflect the specific moment of an event or – by combining events – show its duration. In the automatically generated electronic Statement Of Facts (eSOF) multiple timestamps are listed.

eSOF & Timestamps

The start of digitizing your business

Real-time & Automatic

Timestamps are created fully automatic in real-time. This enables real-time monitoring of maritime processes. No delay, direct feedback, no manual data-entry, reducing costs and errors in the data.

Event Detection

Many data feeds are continuously filtered processed and combined. This results in real-time events on what is happening where in the maritime world. Events are stored and are input for the timestamps that are being generated.


Together with industry experts both the port infrastructure and the maritime processes have been mapped related to the port call, terminal operations and the vessel voyage. The detailed mapping is the skeleton of the digital twin.

Digital Twin

The data to bootstrap improvements

Insight is the first step in the journey to improve port and maritime operations. A lot of data is already available, e.g. AIS-information and weather and tidal information. With the help of AI and data science, events are automatically detected in real-time and timestamps are created. This provides the data to start to take the next steps in digitization of the maritime processes.

Global and 24/7 monitoring of the maritime industry and its operations result in a real-time digital twin of the port and port operations.

Monitor Everything

Relevant events in operational processes are captured and stored. This enables event monitoring and enables flexible and personal updates on the information you require. Stop wasting time looking for delivery information. Make it come to you.

Know what did happen

Unexpected things happen, but with the help of timestamps, you get detailed insight in what happend exactly and you can analyse the situation and learn for this specific situation.

Improve Operations

All event data is continuously collected and stored. This provides you with the data to do in-depth analysis on the performance of your operation. Reduce the slack in your operations and increase utilization of your assets.

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