Being in the know of events real time is essential in the world of efficiency and highly connected supply chains. Our systems detect events instantly, which will trigger a notification sent to you when relevant. This makes you in control of the process. 


Informed at the right moment

Realtime information

As soon as an event occurs or doesn’t occur when it should have, you instantly receive a notification via the available channels like email, phone call, push message SMS or API. Our technology continuously monitors vessels, ports and maritime processes real-time.

Process & Context aware

 You are ensured that the insights are based on the real-life setting within the maritime context. Information shared in the notifications informs you within the actual context and enables you to act and be in control.  


You receive notifications based on your profile. Profiles are set-up per company, per role, per users or per transaction. For each event, the appropriate communication channel is configured and can be directly adjusted by the user. So all alerts are relevant to you!   

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