Pattern & Anomaly Detection

The Pattern & Anomaly detection building block enables the detection of patterns like schedules, clients services, operating areas or cargo streams. These patterns provide valuable insights in the trade and are relevant for detecting anomalies or real-time spotting that the world is deviating from what is expected.

Pattern & Anomaly Detection

Spot issues in operations and see trends in performance

Detect anomalies​

The fine granularity of the data and the mapping on the processes gives real-time and detailed insight in deviations. Through smart visualizations and filtering outliers and deviations can be easily detected.  It enables you to learn from every occurrence.

Spot trends

Things might change at a slow pace, with help of the data it is easy to not only detect the deviations but to spot the trends. It is the start of detailed analyses. The insights provide high level control on operations and enable pro-active management of your assets.

Drill down

Detecting deviations, outliers and trends is key in improving your business. But getting to the root causes can be really time consuming. The option drill down into the detail and having insight in the context provides you with the tools to get to the root causes quickly. 

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