Port Authorities

Data is required to improve port operations. In practice a lot of data is missing, not well-structured and the quality is poor. Creating, collecting and cleaning-up the data is difficult and costly. With the Teqplay timestamps high quality data is generated real-time and automatically.

Digital twin

The data to bootstrap improvements

Insight is the first step in the journey to improve port and maritime operations. A lot of data is already available, e.g. AIS-information, weather and tidal information. With the help of AI and data science events are automatically detected in real-time and timestamps are created. This provides the data to start to take the next steps in digitization of the digital port. 24/7 monitoring of the port and the operations result in a real-time digital twin of your port and port operations. A starting point for port operations!


The fuel for the digital port

Monitor Everything

Relevant events in operational processes are captured and stored. This enables event monitoring and enables flexible and personal updates on the information you require. Stop wasting time looking for delivery information. Make it come to you.

Know what did happen

Unexpected things happen, but with the help of timestamps you get detailed insight in what happened exactly and you can analyse the situation and learn for this specific situation.

Improve Port Operations

All event data is continuously collected and stored. This provides you with the data to do in depth analysis on the performance of your operation. Reduce the slack in your operations and increase utilization of your assets. 

Innovate in co-creation

Explore and experiment

Deep knowledge of the business in combination with the data and technology is required for a successful digital transition. Together with you, we explore to spot potential business opportunities. We are curious and want to know and learn all about your business and challenges. We inspire with successes and working solutions based on data and our technology.

Innovate to increase throughput and reduce operational cost. Imagine and lead your business to the world of tomorrow!

Areas of innovation

Currently we are exploring and experimenting on:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Benchmarking
  • Simulation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Network Analysis on cargo flows 
  • Reduce demurrage 
  • Compliance

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