Next generation Port Reporting Service

Real-time insights and predictions to make the best informed decisions. With flexible alerts and personal updates on your port calls, you can manage by exception.

“… real-time notifications on berth availability and bunkering delays saved ultimately up to 11 hours within a port call”

“ … what is monitored gets done: being actively and real-time informed on what is happening during your port call shortens the port stay”

“… knowing things in advance always makes a safe bet, the predictability Port Reporter offers is saving expensive man hours”


Reporting Services

Port call information tailored to your needs

Shipping Lines

Shorter Port Stay – Insights to keep your vessels on the move.


Increase asset & staff utilization Insights to plan and adjust.

Service Providers

Increase asset & staff utilization Insights to plan and adjust.


In control and pro-active – Insights to service your customers.

Reporting Benefits

Reduce costs and improve quality


Stay tuned in on what is happening with your vessels in the port. Be notified if and when things change or happen. Be alert and act as soon as you can.

Improved Efficiency

No more need to check websites for location or a status, no more need to call around to stay informed. Save your time and money to deliver the real service to your clients.

Easy and in Control

Information for planning and monitoring your vessels in one app. Have the overview and detailed insight. Make the planning and monitor execution. You are in control!

Service your clients

Information on vessels can be made available for your clients. Port Reporter supports you in delivering value for your clients. Port Reporter: At your service!


Best-of-Breed Solutions

Teqplay drives efficiency, collaboration, and performance in port calls. Easily integrate with in company or other business applications to create a best-of-breed solution that optimizes port call performance.

How it works

From data to the story of the vessel

Based on timestamps and data, we provide status information and predictions for the port call. Take a deep dive into the port call with the help of AI and data science. The vessel is monitored, events are derived, the story of the vessel of the port is created and told. Besides the reporting and timestamps, we have insight in the overall performance of the port call.

Events relevant to you

Know the facts

Whether it is a change in the ETA, Inbound-, Shifting- or Outbound-process, as an user you can decide which events are relevant to you. Also additional services like tugs, pilots or alongside operations are monitored. Thanks to our active monitoring, we can inform our users about all these steps

Personal Notifications

Push, Mail, Phone or API

Our reporting services are available via webbrowser, desktop and mobile devices for individual users. Our apps are available in the App store and Google play. This guarantees that you have a worldwide acces to all the relevant data. Additionally all data can be exposed through an API so you can integrate the data in your systems

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