Want to assess risks or spot new opportunities? Our Predictions feature shows when events are expected to happen in the near future within marine processes. It provides insights in ETA, ETD, or potential tender of a Notice of Readiness. Predictions: an important key for your planning. 

The predictions are key for planning operational processes and might also be relevant to make assessment in the future state of the world. This insight is relevant to assess potential risks or to spot new opportunities.


Tomorrow is now


Create an accurate look into the future by having the estimated time of arrival (ETA), the estimated cargo completion (ETC) and the estimated time of departure (ETD). Context knowledge and loads of historical data result in accurate predictors. It’s the ultimate way to optimise your port calls.

Service availability

Get proactive by obtaining insights in expected availability of resources. Port call optimization is a highly collaborative process and involves the use of many external and constrained resources, like tugs, bunkers etc. This is highly valuable information for your planning.

Congestion & Line-up

Close the best deal and make realistic plans by getting insights in congestion indicators. This is key information to optimize your supply chain or port calls. Now you can monitor your planning and operations with real congestion data.

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