Process Monitoring

Get real time views on process KPIs that of interest to you, including alerts on exceptions, potential conflicts, thresholds and outliers. Our technology monitors potential outliers and conflicts, picks them up immediately and alerts you directly when needed.Users can thus obtain customised real-time views on the process KPIs they wish to see including alerts on exceptions, potential conflicts, thresholds and outliers.

Process Monitoring

Get in control

For Terminals

Get clear visual insights on planned terminal operations, including real-time and predictive information on arriving vessels. The planning is fully integrated and full of with relevant data. Active monitoring on potential conflicts enables you to manage by exception. You are in control of operations, reduce slack and improve utilization!

For Service Providers

The dynamic of port operations and the shipping industry challenges you as a planner. Visual planning, including scenarios, helps you to be in control and optimizes operations. Real-time monitoring in combination with predictions on ETA provide the insight to increase the efficiency of your operations.

For Trade Operations

Insights in delivery options are key to close a successful deal. A clear visual plan of your (chartered) vessels, including status and ETAs based on real-time positions and forecasts, provides you with the tools to be in control.

For Shipping Lines

Manage your marine operations by exception and get in control of your processes. Spot conflicts and potential opportunities to improve efficiency. A clear visual overview of the schedule, the planning and potential conflicts.  


Real value

Save time & money

Terminal operations require a lot of coordination. Save time and money in the terminal operations by getting real-time insights in the arrival-to-departure process of vessels. A shared view, real-time insight and predictions helps you to reduce waste on labor, have less waiting time and slack.

Increase asset utilization

Continuously monitor the quay and vessels. Spot potential opportunities to minimize the stay of vessels at the terminal and maximize the utilization of the assets. Real-time insight into the actual operations and notifications on relevant changes in the port.

Excellence through collaboration

Get the flexibility to continuously adapt and capture every opportunity by getting access to a shared view on the world. It unleashes the potential value of collaboration, because you can inform and be informed by relevant stakeholders within the operations.


What is your risk on demurrage? Charter parties in combination with real-time monitoring of vessels and port operations provide you with the insights. This enables you to focus on the areas with the highest impact. You’re in control and reduce your risk!

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