Service Providers

Manage and monitor your operations! No more unnecessary checks on updates. Pro-active monitoring of relevant and meaningful events. Insight in expected planing deviations. Reduce waiting times and maximize utilization of your assets and resources!


Products & Services

Reporting Services

With reporting services you will have real-time insight and overview in the port call process of your vessels, including status and predictions. Relevant events and changes for your port calls are monitored and you can be automatically notified. 

Planning and Monitoring

Plan and monitor service delivery on the vessels visiting the port. Insight in the port call, including shifting and alongside operations. Real-time detection of relevant events and predictions provide early warnings on deviations of plan. Be in control and pro-active.

Innovate in co-creation

Explore and experiment

Deep knowledge of the business in combination with the data and technology is required for a successful digital transition. Together with you, we explore to spot potential business opportunities. We are curious and want to know and learn all about your business and challenges. We inspire with successes and working solutions based on data and our technology.

Innovate to increase throughput and reduce operational cost. Imagine and lead your business to the world of tomorrow!,

Areas of innovation

Currently we are exploring and experimenting on:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Benchmarking
  • Simulation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Network Analysis on cargo flows 
  • Reduce demurrage 
  • Compliance

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The Netherlands

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