Shipping Lines

Get the insights to keep your vessels on the move. With informed decision-making, fleet planning and monitoring you attract the right cargo. Plus you have insights in port call performance, risks on delay, demurrage and port congestion.


Products & Services

Reporting Services

Reporting services give you real-time insight and an overview of the port call process of your vessels, including status and predictions. You receive automated notifications of any relevant events and changes impacting your port calls. 

Planning and Monitoring

Plan and monitor your fleet, for spot market and for long term commitments. Both the port stay and the voyage are planned and monitored. Real-time detection of relevant events and predictions provide early warnings of deviations of the schedule. Be in control and pro-active. 

Port Call Optimization

Be continuously informed on all vessels visiting ports and their expected arrival time and operations. With flexible alerts and personal updates related to your vessels, you have the overview and the opportunity to inform everyone so operations can start at the right time.

Terminal Intelligence

Get competitive insights by understanding and benchmarking terminals and terminal operations. You get insights in the global, actual use and performance of terminals. The world is in flux and the playing field is changing, monitor the world and know what’s happening.

Fleet Intelligence

Get the right data for fixing contracts based on your position or expected positions. These are insight in the use and performance of all fleets, including details on the port call and voyage. Check out your maritime world in detail  and get the answers you always wanted to have.

Vessel Matcher

Win the deal! React instantly on emails relevant to you. Process all your emails real-time and directly link them to your relevant vessels or cargo. The only thing your team needs to do is to make the offer that can’t be refused!

Innovate and create new bussiness opportunities

Explore and experiment

Together we spot potential business opportunities by combining knowledge of business with data and technology. It is required for a successful digital transition. We inspire with successes and working solutions based on data and our technology.

Innovate to increase throughput and reduce operational costs. This will lead your business to the world of tomorrow!

Areas of innovation

Currently we are exploring and experimenting with:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Benchmarking
  • Simulation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Network analysis on cargo flows 
  • Reduce demurrage 
  • Compliance

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