Easiest way to match cargo to vessels

Real-time email processing and smart recommendations to make the best offer or find the right vessel.


Vessel Matcher

Spot, match and close the best deal!

For Owners & Operators

Finding the right cargo for your fleet is core. It is however a lot of work and time consuming. It requires reading a lot of emails, decision-making and taking direct action … and new information keeps pouring in. Vessel Matcher puts you in the right position by doing a lot of work for you, so that you can focus on offering and closing the best deal. 

For Charterers

Getting your cargo from A to B is about finding the right vessel at the best possible rate. It takes a lot of time and effort to find out the available options. That’s why it’s key to act fast and know where to ask for the best rates. Vessel Matcher allows you to quickly identify the owners and operators that will provide you a good offer.

Vessel Matcher Benefits

Let data work for you

React instantly

React instantly, do not risk losing an opportunity as a result of slow response time. Requests for quotes are directly linked to relevant vessels and clearly marked.

Save time

Do not waste time browsing and reading through irrelevant and duplicate emails, get relevant information directly for the right vessels. Vessel Matcher provides you with a clear overview of relevant emails for each vessel or cargo.

Close the best deal

Same cargo, different commissions – Vessel Matcher makes it more transparent than ever. It will clearly show which party is offering the best rates and conditions.

Your own network

Emails are processed for your company alone and are linked to your fleet. This way you can foster your valuable network that you have built up over the years.

Clear overview

A clear overview of all requests for quotations in the market relevant for the vessels in your fleet. Based on availability and vessel position e-mails are directly linked. A clear overview!

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