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Creating a single shared point of truth to improve maritime data exchange

One of the biggest obstacles of port call optimization is low availability of data and collaboration among different actors. With the help of public data and AI, Teqplay has created a Digital Twin solution which acts as a shared point of truth. This helps the actors in the industry optimize their operations. This bottom-up approach of creating a shared point of truth can become next-level by extending it with information that is not publicly available. 

In order to achieve this goal, data sharing is crucial. But in practice, the necessary data is either unavailable digitally or not shared by the parties involved. 

With port call optimization in mind, improving data exchange needs to become an important goal for port actors. Additionally creating standardized processes is also essential in ensuring both cyber security and increasing data quality. 

To achieve this goal, the industry needs to move on from paper-based documentation to a digital shared point of truth, enhanced with factual information from the digital twin. The single shared point of truth refers to a central source of accurate and up-to-date information that is shared and used by all stakeholders in a particular operation or process. This could include information about the location and status of vessels, cargo details, schedule and voyage plans, and other relevant data.

Having a single shared point of truth can help ensure that all parties involved in a maritime operation have access to the same accurate and reliable information, which can help improve communication and coordination, reduce errors and misunderstandings, and support better decision-making.

There are various ways in which a single shared point of truth can be established and maintained in the maritime industry. For example, it might involve the use of specialized software or platforms that allow multiple stakeholders to access and update information in real-time, or the implementation of standardized processes and protocols for collecting and sharing data.

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to establish a standardized digital foundation for maritime data exchange. DCSA’s actions have shown to improve communication and collaboration among maritime organizations, and overall create better visibility for the industry. 

Other notables include VAKT and Covantis, emphasizing the creation of a single point of truth driven by technology, improving information exchange. All initiatives share a common goal: leverage technology and collaborate to improve and secure data flow. 

As an experienced player in the maritime field, Teqplay also sets out to support maritime stakeholders in achieving this goal and ensuring a brighter future for the industry. Each of Teqplay’s solutions and services aim to provide real-time insights and predictions based on quality data. By combining Teqplay’s expertise in technology and data with our experience in the maritime world, we are always ready to assist and collaborate with the industry on our shared journey toward a digital future.

Mai Zaki | Account Manager at Teqplay

Passionate about #portcall, #supplychain, #optimization, #digitalinsights, and the #maritimeindustry.