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Dedicated to create and innovate Port Call Optimization and Maritime Supply Chain

Collaboration is the new competition

Digitization is the start of a new era in the maritime industry. Real-time information and tools to make smarter and informed decisions are key to be in control, pro-active and to successfully collaborate.  The shipping industry needs insight in what is happening and is expected to happen, both in planning and execution. It’s all about improving asset utilization, reducing waste in operational cost labor and fuel. To spot opportunities in time is crucial! Leverage on the power of AI and analytics on the data in the context of your business in the maritime industry.  The ability to – almost in real-time – collaborate in the supply chain is the key competitive advantage.

Innovate in co-creation

Deep knowledge of the business, in combination with the data and technology, is required for a successful digital transition of the maritime industry. Teqplay has committed itself to this transition. We inspire with successes and working solutions, based on data and our technology. Together with our clients we explore the world to spot potential business opportunities. We are curious and want to know and learn all about your business and challenges.  Co-create the world of tomorrow!

How we innovate

Innovation is asking questions, challenging answers, thinking, imagining and acting. Business goals and challenges set the direction. The high-level process we consists of the following steps:

  • Explore: the world of business and technology meet; spot the opportunities
  • Experiment: validate value and feasibility of the opportunities spotted
  • Develop and Scale: realize and roll-out the solution
  • Manage & Improve: maintain the solution and continuously improve

Every innovation will have its own specific characteristics and the processes will be fine-tuned.

Agile and together with the users

Working solutions can no longer be solely produced by innovators, but rather are jointly created with end-users. Working solutions are not created in one go; continuous feedback and an agile development process are required.

Together we create the smart port of the future!