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Informed Decisions – Powered by Open Data

Teqplay’s belief in the value and power of open data has been proven once again. The new extension of RiverGuide Recreant Waddenzee brings safety and convenience through visualizing big and open data to the end-user.

With our expertise and experience, in collaboration with the Wadvaarders and our RiverGuide partners (Rijkswaterstaat, multiple port authorities and provinces) we realized to collect and combine the many open data sources to create real-time insight in available information on tidal, wave height, current, water level, depth data and buoy positions.

We enable informed decision making and provide valuable insights through the RiverGuide Recreant app by making smart combinations of various data sources.

For example depth data that is visualized is a (smart) combination of multiple data sources. The sources include: 

  • aggregated periodical depth measurements executed by vessels;
  • laser altimetry made by plane;
  • frequent local depth measurements.

Once we combine this depth information with the tidal information, the waves and the current, it provides the user with a clear picture on what can be expected on the journey on the Waddenzee. 

We empower Wadvaarders to make better informed decisions. That is what Teqplay stands for!