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Learn & Improve – Port Performance Monitoring

Do you know whether your port area is operating efficiently today? And do you know whether performance is improving or deteriorating since last month?

The words ‘efficiency’ and ‘ports’ go hand in hand when you want to measure the port performance of a specific harbour. In the ever-changing port industry, the performance of a port is crucial if you want to serve your customers more efficient than other ports and competitors. The Nautical Efficiency Indicator, NEI, is a dashboard that monitors the vessels that visits a specific port.

But how do we monitor those Port Calls? Of course, there is AIS data that every vessel radiates. But the added value lies in the combination of this ‘raw’ data with other relevant data sources. The next step is to visualise the data into the right facts and figures. The user needs to understand the meaning of the data and should use the tool intuitively.

The Nautical Efficiency Indicator
The NEI provides you with an overview of what happens around a specific Port Call in a port. Furthermore, the NEI stores this information and compares it with the other port calls, within a selected timeframe. You can not only select a certain timeframe, but also select on ship length, name, type, destination and several other vessel properties.

During a Port Call several players are involved in the process of getting the vessel in the right place at the right time. The NEI shows you the average time for those players involved in the specific portcall; pilotage, towage, mooring and total ship time. Besides the averages times, there is a graph showing you historic data of each port call where the outliers can easily be detected.

Joris, one of the Teqplay developers that worked intensively on this project, describes the NEI as:

“The NEI gives a comprehensive overview of the Port Calls and helps the user to find improvements to enhance the overall port performance”

Port benchmarking
When the performance in the port is measured, it allows us to compare this data witch other ports; benchmarking. Which ports have handled the most vessels last week, month, year? What type of cargo went through each port last week, month, year? All question that can be answered using the NEI tool. The NEI tool is perfectly suitable to monitor and look for answers to underpin your strategic actions.

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