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Meet the newest Teqplay’ers!

Going global and making more impact asks for more Teqplay’ers! We recently welcomed two testers and one developer. Meet Jolinda, Pam and Stephano and find out how they contribute to our goals. 

Stephano is joining the front-end developing section of our company. “My job is to create interfaces that are working properly. We turn our client’s requirements into working and attractive software”. He applied for the job, because Teqplay is working in the technology stack he loves. “I like to work with React JS and I was keen to apply Typescript in production. Teqplay offers me this opportunity. Also, working in the maritime industry gives me a new perspective.” Stephano is enthusiastic about the agile way of working at Teqplay. “The first weeks at Teqplay were promising. I like the agile way of approaching projects and its challenges. I have the ambition to grow in my job as a front-end developer and I want to create the best possible solutions for our users!”

FLTR: Stephano, Jolinda and Pam

Youngsters Jolinda and Pam are both quality assurance testers. “What we do is called GUI testing. GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. We check tools like Port Reporter and Terminal Planner. Do these really what they are supposed to do? Do menus, links and buttons work properly? If not, we report it so the developers can fix it”, explains Jolinda. She’s a student Bioinformatics at Hogeschool Leiden and works at our office one day a week. “Teqplay might not fit the bill bioinformatics wise, but it certainly does for the informatics part! This job is challenging me more than working at supermarkets like I did before”. For Pam working at Teqplay is a change as well. “I graduated high school last year and I took a year off. I also work at a nursing home, so from the elderly to the Teqplay Team… yeah, it’s quite a difference!”, Pam laughs. Besides testing, she also processes all different kinds of data as a data engineer. “I’m curious what it’s like to work in an office and experience the more technical side”. Pam is also preparing for a three-and-a-half-month trip to Asia. “I’m going to visit Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South-Korea and Indonesia. I can’t wait to get introduced to all these different cultures!” In September Pam will start university. She applied for the Bachelor of Science “Clinical Technology” at TU Delft.