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Making a Difference

Our CEO and Co-Founder Leon is featured in the Europoort Kringen. The article is in Dutch. There is a short English summary included below.

Welcome to the team, Evi and Tes!

At Teqplay we’re always on the move to keep perfecting and further improving our data-driven solutions. Therefore it was time to welcome two new Teqplayers to the team. Meet Evi and Tes, who are joining us in our mission to create a future proof efficient and sustainable maritime supply chain.

Ardennes: Teqplay Style

Working at Teqplay is not only about the job; it’s also about being part of an amazing team. So we decided to take a weekend off and went with the team to the Ardennes! Take a look at the video to find out about all the activities of the weekend.

Welcome to the team, Boma!

Teqplay once again welcomes a new member to our team! From now on Boma will be on board as our newest product designer. We have every confidence that Boma will contribute greatly to the growth of Teqplay.

Innovative partnership with Rainmaking and Cargill

We’re proud to share that Teqplay is selected to partner up in the Rainmaking and Cargill “Supply Chain Resilience Program”. This is a perfect opportunity to further extend the power of actionable insights and collaboration by combining technology and context to ultimately build resilient supply chains.

Welcome Nkemjika, our newest talent!

As Teqplay grows, we are in more and more need of fresh talent. We are very happy to welcome our newest Teqplayer, Nkemjika, who will work with us as a back-end developer.

A successful global search for new talent: meet Opeyemi!

Thanks to the digital era we are fortunate to search for talent around the globe and that’s exactly how we found our newest team member. Let us introduce Opeyemi, our first team member located outside of Europe. 

Meet the new faces!

One familiar face and two new faces we’d like to (re)introduce to you! Ojas and Tim started working at Teqplay earlier this month and we already know Joost. Let’s have a chat and introduce them properly!

Internship @Teqplay: Thank you, Achraf, Emir and Vlad!

Last week, Achraf, Emir and Vlad concluded their internships at Teqplay with successful presentations detailing their journeys. There is no doubt that an exciting future awaits them.

New opportunities for Christina!

See a familiar face? That’s right! You all know Christina as our brilliant Office Manager. She still is, but at Teqplay we foster personal growth and talent development. So Christina will divide her time between her job as Office Manager and starts working as Account Manager, focusing on Asia.

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