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New website; same dedication

Today we proudly launch our new website! Over the past years Teqplay has grown fast and the old website needed a makeover. It was time for something new!

As a team we agreed what we wanted to share on our new website. The website is designed with our clients and stakeholders in mind. What information are they looking for and what services do we offer to run the business more successful? The new site contains detailed information on the services as well as our story on the way we deliver value to our clients.

That was the starting point for our front-end developer Bas to actually design and build teh website.

“We wanted to create a website that is easy to navigate and where information is easy to find”

Bas Meijer, Front-end Developer at Teqplay

The result: a clear design, all information at hand, including an option to directly login to use the services.

Léon Gommans, CEO and co-founder of Teqplay, defines it perfectly: “It is a joy to work for and create and innovate together with the maritime industry. We are committed to deliver services to optimize port calls and the maritime supply chain.  We are proud that the website reflects our vision on the maritime world and displays our services”.