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Port call 2.0: more, better, lower price

It was until the late 1980s that the telephone with rotary dial could not be taken away from the desk. Exactly this old-fashioned way of thinking is still present in many maritime processes and companies. The tools have been modernized, in the form of smartphones and the mobile internet, but the way of working remained the same. It is as a new icing on the old cake. It’s time for change!

Teqplay enables you to take that next step with Port Reporter. No longer handling port calls the traditional way – with the corresponding high personnel costs – but smart working, based on the newest technology and facts, resulting in better control and huge savings.

Today we handle 20 percent of the port calls in the Port of Rotterdam and save up to 50 percent of the costs for our customers.

And the phones in the picture? We love to play around. So if you spot one, be sure to ask about the story…

Interested what we can do for you? Send us an email (old-fashioned calling is also allowed) and we’ll be happy to tell you how.