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Port Reporter – in control on your port calls in 2019

Imagine: one of your vessels is about to call the port and is running into a delay. The entire planning needs to be adjusted and coordinated, and all involved parties need to be informed. The result: a lot of phone calls and e-mails eating your valuable time added to the risk running into additional delays. And we all know…Time is money!

The port call process – where up to 27 parties are involved –  requires continuous attention. Port Reporter provides you with control by monitoring the vessels and planning. Your pro-activity will reduce the risk of running into additional delays on the port call. This easy-to-use tool has been developed in close collaborations with agents, terminals and shipping lines. We innovated with state of the art technology and translated the requirements into the perfect tool. The first of January 2019 Port Reporter will go live – after a beta period – in the Port of Rotterdam.

The strength of Port Reporter is that it gives the agent insight in the entire port call process; all information on a port call status and the predictions are bundled in one app. Port Reporter monitors and reports on relevant events and changes for your port calls. It keeps you updated about what is happening with your vessels in the port. If anything changes, you’ll be notified. This complete overview makes it possible to respond and react adequately. For more information about Port Reporter, please visit

Do you want to be in control in 2019?

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