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Predictable & Optimal Port Call – Shaping the future!

“Port Call Optimization needs reliable digital information”. The question is how to collect and generate reliable information, and distribute it to the right person in the supply chain? We are proud to announce that we are part of the Rotterdam ‘Port Call Optimization’-initiative. In collaboration with Rotterdam Logistics Lab (RLL) we are developing Pronto addressing the optimization challenge. Pronto shows the critical timestamps of all parties in the port call, and provides the right information to the right person to make smart decision(s). As Teqplay, we value this close collaboration with RLL in co-creating the port of the future!

“Time is money” is a well-known saying and, especially in the port and logistics industry, more than true. Better information on both the context and stakeholders is crucial to optimize the port call of a vessel. We, Teqplay, have implemented our engine in Pronto, and generate multiple events on what has happened, is happening, and will happen, during a specific port call.

Based on real-time, and historical information the right stakeholder(s) are provided with accurate data and predictions on the port operations and services. The Teqplay engine provides answers to questions like: when will the vessel arrive? What is the status of the service processes like bunkering, tank cleaning and water supply? How many tugs were, and will be involved? And, what route(s) did, and will the vessel sail in the port?

Data and technology are important factors in optimizing and innovating the port processes. Together with the Pronto team we are ready to conquer the world of Port Call Optimization. We are taking the first step; do you want to be part of the next step(s)? Watch the movie and get in touch!