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RiverGuide meets the Wadvaarders

On Saturday the 26th of January the yearly event of the Wadvaarders was held. It was organized at the “Maritieme Academie” in Harlingen. At the event a workshop was organised to present and discuss various apps to the Wadvaarders community. RiverGuide was also invited and we were happy to present. A great opportunity to show what we have developed based on the inputs from the previous workshop and an opportunity to get user feedback and find participants for the pilot.

A large classroom was reserved for the workshop, quite big we thought initially. However, the classroom filled-up pretty quickly and around 75 experienced Wadvaarders showed up. After a short introduction on the why of the RiverGuide Wadden pilot by Rijkswaterstaat, Teqplay presented the RiverGuide initiative and started with an demonstration of RiverGuide and its new features.

The audience was eager to find out about RiverGuide: within three minutes the first questions came up regarding the installation of the RiverGuide app. The Wadvaarders couldn’t wait to start… 

We demonstrated the new Wadden functionality, which consisted of:

  • Tidal information
  • Currents on the map
  • Depth on the map, including moment of measurement
  • Wave information
  • Graph combining depth and tidal information on the specific times and locations along the planned route

It was the start of an interesting discussion and a lot of questions were asked. It turned out to be an informative workshop and the Wadvaarders were enthusiastic. One of our aims of the visit was to mobilize at least 15 participants for the pilot. Well, we succeeded! Already 21 Wadvaarders signed up for the pilot. 

We are looking forward to the start of the pilot.