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Sail the world!

Rotterdam is our homebase, but now the moment has come to physically sail the digital world. It’s time to globally roll-out our smart solutions for the maritime industry, starting with Singapore!

In 2015 Léon Gommans and Richard van Klaveren decide to dedicate their passion for innovation, technology and collaboration and follow their dream: make impact in the maritime industry. Teqplay was founded. The belief that data and technology will fuel the digitization and decarbonization of the maritime industry was, and still is, the leading vision. The start was focussed and agile. Together with the port community working solutions for Port Call Optimization were developed and implemented. Port of Rotterdam recognized the value and a close collaboration was started. 

Fast forward to 2019. Around 40% of the port calls in the port of Rotterdam are supported with the Teqplay platform. Pro-activity and being in control is the new reality. Agents, terminals and shipping lines have implemented our solutions and other European ports are being serviced. 

The development of the solutions was, and is, one exciting and challenging learning journey. Teqplay started, we learned in an agile manner together with our users and clients. We co-create solutions that help our clients to digitize and make impact in optimizing the Port Call and the maritime supply chain, as well reducing the carbon footprint. With the global coverage of the platform and solutions that have proven to be valuable in the local context, it is now time to sail the world. 

In the coming months we have committed to start in Singapore, the first steps in introducing Teqplay to the Asian market. Teqplay is proud to have been selected as a finalist in the Pier 71 – Smart Port Challenge, starting the 24th of September. And on top of that: Teqplay will participate in the CleanTech mission from the 7th until the 10th of October. We will keep you updated on our journey!