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ShipTracker: a next step towards predictable port calls

Shiptracker is live! A new online service from the Port of Rotterdam giving insight in the ocean going ships due to call at the port of Rotterdam over the next 48 hours. Teqplay is proud to provide historical, actual and predicted the data for this new service. The service is open and can be used at

In close collaboration with the Pronto team we are working on Port Call Optimizaton. Shiptracker is yet another important step in the quest of building the smart ports. Congratulations to the Pronto-team. We are looking forward to our next steps.

The right information on both the context and other stakeholders is crucial to optimize your business in the data-driven world. Teqplay provides the exact right context in maritime shipping operations so you can make smart decision. Based on real-time, and historical information from relevant stakeholder(s) we provided accurate data and predictions related to your specific port operations, supply chain and services provided to your customers.

Curious how we can turn your Port Call data into real money? Don’t hesitate to give us a call …