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Teqplay – 5th Anniversary

January 2015 was the year that Teqplay was founded. With this 5th anniversary it is the right moment to look back on the Teqplay journey and our achievements. What was our ambition back then, what did we want to bring to the world when we started Teqplay and are we on the same track? Let’s have a look.

Passion for technology, data, innovation and collaboration combined with the pride for Rotterdam and its port were the seeds for starting our company. Real-time data on vessel positions was publicly available; the opportunity! This resulted in the belief that our passion and energy would be of value and contribute to the transformation of the maritime industry in becoming sustainable and more efficient. Teqplay was born!

The journey started with learning. We played around with open and public data and created first concepts and applications; the roots of our current platform. We immersed ourselves in the port community and maritime industry, visited terminals, skippers, agents, shipping lines, port authorities, surveyors, pilots, boatman, tugs etc. We listened and collected insights in the industry. And we started building solutions in close collaboration with the port community.

Today: January 2020 we make impact delivering solutions that are changing the maritime industry and enable new ways of working to reach the next level in efficiency and sustainability. We service the majority of the port calls in Europe’s largest port, and in many other ports around the globe. We work closely with our clients and the users. We love our work and continue to practise the “play” of Teqplay. A dedicated, committed and proud team of 20 people is continuously working in pushing the bar and reaching the next level. And we also sailed out into the global world of shipping … and founded Teqplay Asia in December 2019. 

The future: The passion, ambition and commitment to contribute making the industry sustainable and more efficient are still driving us. Together with our clients and partners we will continue this journey. We are grateful for the opportunity we have received so far … and we are looking forward to the next five years ahead of us!

Sailing along? Interested in what Teqplay can do for you? Please reach out and let’s grab a cup of coffee. We are always curious to find out more about your journey and challenges…. 

And now: Time for a party!