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Welcome Nkemjika, our newest talent!

As Teqplay grows, we are in more and more need of fresh talent. We are very happy to welcome our newest Teqplayer, Nkemjika, who will work with us as a back-end developer.

Nkemjika’s joining Teqplay marks yet another milestone for our international presence and growth. We are glad to have him on board, and Nkemjika is also very excited to become a part of the Teqplay team:

“It’s a great value for me to have the opportunity of expanding my experience in the maritime ecosystem as an employee of Teplay who is one of the best companies in global maritime services.”

As a back-end developer, Nkemjika will assist Teqplay in very crucial tasks and contribute to our continued development. We’re happy to welcome Nkemjika and wish him a great time at Teqplay!

Are you based somewhere other than Rotterdam and interested in joining the Teqplay team remotely? Let’s have a chat! Contact us at or give us a call for more information.