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Excellent graduation projects: meet Joost and Maurice!

Talent is important for Teqplay and is needed to address the global challenges in the maritime industry. That is why Teqplay dedicates time and support to this new talent, and of course we also get inspired by their out of the box thinking and creations. Meet Joost and Maurice and learn more about their projects.

Joost and Maurice graduated for their bachelor Computer Science at the Hogeschool Rotterdam last week.

Joost took a dive into the world of dry bulk and did research which ports import and export what bulk. He says, “All sorts of data and insights combined I developed an application that’s able to predict which vessel carries what product on port arrival.” Joost graduated with a solid 8/10. There’s a massive commercial need for more insight in dry bulk flows and his application provides this insight!

Maurice’s graduation project also has to do with cargo, but in a more generic way. He did research on the mapping cargo flows between two ports on vessels. “Key step was to find out what vessels shipped specific cargo based on data. I created software to predict which cargo a specific vessel possibly carries”, Maurice explains. “This information is valuable when you want to know who of your competitors shipped a specific product.”

On top he also developed the frontend application that provides insights in this data, the process, which vessels could qualify for a certain cargo flow and why they have what specific chance for executing this particular application. Not only Teqplay is pleased with his job, his tutors at Hogeschool Rotterdam feel the same way and are very impressed by his skills: Maurice scored 9.5/10 for his graduation project!

After almost two years joining the Teqplay team as an intern, employee and graduation intern we’re sad to say goodbye to Joost. “I’m looking forward to finding a new challenge!”, he says. Maurice took the same path in the team, but he’s going to stay and is the newest Teqplay developer.

“We had an awesome time at Teqplay. We learned a lot both on the professional and at the personal level, we developed our skills and it was great to be part of the team!”, Joost and Maurice agree. We loved to have them on board! We are sure both of them will use their exceptional talents and wish them all the best in their future careers. Congrats, guys!