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Internship @Teqplay: Meet Daniëlle, Darius and Jari

A new school year has started, so that means new interns at Teqplay! The first week of September we welcomed Danielle, Darius and Jari to our team. Let’s find out on what projects they are working and what they expect from their internship at Teqplay!

All three are students of Hogeschool Rotterdam and they join the team for six months. Looking back to the first two weeks all three of them feel they started well. However, it took some time to adjust from going to school to working forty hours a week. “9-5 workdays are quite a change, but the advantage is that you do all the work then and are the evenings off. I like that!”, Daniëlle says.

Their first task is to develop an OpenSource web application that gives insights in the development cycle through personal scores and burndown charts from Trello cards. “Our next project will also be about data visualization, but will be focused on the data that’s related to the port”, says Jari.

Daniëlle met Joost and Maurice when they represented Teqplay at the event for internships at Hogeschool Rotterdam last April. “The small size of the company and the way Joost and Maurice talked about the organization appealed to me. Because half of my family work in or around the port, I’m curious how automatization has been developing in this sector”, she says. “My goal of this internship is to be learn how to develop a complete application from start to finish. Also I want to be able to work in React and become a good front-end developer!”

While Jari didn’t want to work for a “standard company” like a digital agency which most students go for, Darius was attracted by our work field and the fact that he was offered to learn new skills in programming. “I’m used to work with Java, but I’ve never worked with Kotlin. I’m motivated to master Kotlin as well! Also I like to develop my technical and social skills during this internship”, Darius says.

Jari is also motivated to improve his developing skills. “This internship offers me the opportunity to explore and find out on what part of my job I want to specialize in. I used to do mostly front-end, but I’m a fullstack intern at Teqplay. I really hope to find out where I’d like to focus on in the future!”, says Jari.

Darius, Jari and Daniëlle posing in the hallway next to the Teqplay Office at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam, the Netherlands