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Teqplay Interns Achraf, Emir and Vlad at the presentation of their asseignments

Internship @Teqplay: Thank you, Achraf, Emir and Vlad!

Last week, Achraf, Emir and Vlad concluded their internships at Teqplay with successful presentations detailing their journeys. There is no doubt that an exciting future awaits them.

As interns of Teqplay, Achraf, Emir and Vlad each tackled a distinct challenge. Achraf’s mission was to detect and eliminate ghost ships in the system. Emir was in charge of developing Event Explorer, an analysis tool for events and information concerning vessels. Vlad worked with Port Reporter and extracting data from emails and websites. 

Achraf’s goal as an intern was to learn to be independent and get used to working with a big code base. For him, the key to success is knowing how to identify priorities clearly and creating straightforward goals to follow. “I often lost track of what was important.” – said Achraf, explaining why it was necessary to have a clear idea of what should be prioritized. “The more I Iearn, the more I realize I don’t know.” 

Emir’s wish was to find out whether programming is the right path for him. “I wanted to find myself and I think I succeeded. I found myself enjoying developing and I think I could pursue being a front-end developer. This is something big for me.” Emir was very proud of creating Event Explorer, a tool that is now operational and the team finds to be very helpful. His next goal is to build a web shop for his father. We wish him success in this and any other future endeavors.

Vlad worked with one of Teqplay’s main products, Port Reporter, and was very enthusiastic about his graduation internship. In his presentation, Vlad described in detail each challenges and solutions, helping simplify the process and saving manual labor through his work. We are very glad to have had Vlad on board, and wish him all the best in his future career as a developer.

As a company, Teqplay is very happy and proud to have been a part of Achraf, Emir and Vlad’s career journeys. No matter what their plans for the future may be, we have no doubt in our minds that they will succeed. To conclude, we would like to thank Achraf, Emir and Vlad for their contribution, and we wish them a rewarding and successful future career.

Teqplay Interns Achraf, Emir and Vlad at the presentation of their asseignments