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Intership @Teqplay: Welcome Berend, Joost and Libert!

We welcomed three new Teqplayers to the team! Let’s have a chat with Berend, Joost and Libert and find out why they joined us. 

Libert is our new Sales & Marketing trainee who just finished his bachelor in Business Administration and is ready to take the next step in his career. “I’m curious about the maritime industry, because of a guest lecture from a maritime shipping expert I had in London last year”, he explains. He’s interested in everything about innovation. “I think Teqplay is exactly what I’m looking for: a company that uses innovation and collaboration to bring an industry that’s working from the same standards for generations to the next level”. Talking about his first week, Libert starts laughing: “I had a smooth integration with the team and enjoyed meeting everyone. But hey, cake twice a week and a laptop… it doesn’t get any better, does it?!”

Libert is ambitious and full of plans for the future. “I will most likely get a master in Digital Business and I always want to keep developing myself. One day I’d like to reflect on my first day at Teqplay and see all the impact and growth I have brought to the company!”

Berend and Joost

Berend and Joost are both interns at Teqplay and students of Computer Science at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Their first week was all about getting information and learning new technologies. “Sometimes it felt a bit overwhelming, but above all it was very interesting”, Berend reflects. Now it’s time to get more involved in the processes. Their project is all about verifying destination information by AIS data. “Eventually we are going to develop a program that shows the destination of a ship based on its destination-ID and its behavior”, Joost explains. “We are really looking forward to taking a deep dive into all the new technologies!”

Both are eager to learn about new tools, programming languages and different technologies. “We want to know everything about the entire process of software developing, but especially about data science and visualization. Also we’d like to know more about the maritime industry itself”, Berend and Joost explain enthusiastically. 

Welcome to the team!