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Knowledge Sessions | Lecture “Trading&Shipping” by Harry Ausems

Yesterday Harry Ausems gave a lecture to the Teqplay team about Trading & Shipping. We took a deep dive into this world to get a better understanding of the challenges our clients have to deal with.

Harry Ausems is a veteran in the world of Bulk Liquids and an expert when it comes to the activities and parties involved in the Bulk Liquid Chain. He shared detailed insights on different contracts and their (dis)advantages, the negotiations on commercial contracts, pricing and freight agreements as well as the commercial and legal risks involved. We also took a deep dive into the actual operations and realizing the complexity and implications in getting freight from port A to B and many more interesting parts and loopholes of the bulk liquid chain. All these insights were food for thought resulting in challenging questions and potential interesting business cases.

It was a very informative and inspiring lecture on the complexity of the Bulk Liquid Chain! 

If you’re interested in Harry’s lecture or if you’d like more information, contact Harry via or .

Teqplay Team is listening to the lecture of Harry Ausems