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Meet Laura, our new junior Data Scientist!

The stories in blog posts are always interesting and a nice read, but this is a special one! Laura’s road to the Teqplay Team is anything but ordinary. Let’s have a chat with our new junior Data Scientist and learn all about her!

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and that’s exactly what Laura did. “I just sent an open application to Teqplay and got a job!” she laughs. It looks like Laura and Teqplay are a perfect match. “My boyfriend works as a helmsman and I tried to explain to him what I could do with my data science master. Like predicting cargo and optimizing the processes in the maritime industry. Then I found out that’s exactly what Teqplay is doing and I decided to take a leap of faith and I sent an open application”. And the rest is history!

Laura is our Junior Data Scientist since the start of October. “My job is all about finding relevant insights and patterns from the data and then making it useful for the Teqplay applications. In the end it provides our clients with better information for informed decision making and optimize their operations.”

First weeks are always a bit overwhelming with loads of information. Laura agrees, but likes to add:  “The team made me feel so welcome!” Of course we didn’t skip the Teqplay tradition to celebrate the joining of a new team member with cake. “The cake, a laptop and even tears of laughter… The perfect start of a new job!” she laughs.

Laura is ambitious and has a clear view of her goals for the future. “I’d like to develop myself and become an all round Data Scientist. I want to merge the knowledge I’ve gathered from my degree in Business Administration with everything I learn as a Data Scientist and solve challenges in business processes”. Then a smile arises when she adds: “I told my boyfriend one day I’ll be able to predict on the dot when he’ll come back home, so I can serve dinner right on time. Teqplay’s services and application make the maritime part of this promise reality. That’s so cool, right?!”

You see, sometimes you just have to be proactive and take that leap of faith! Wondering if there could be a job for you at Teqplay as well? Don’t hesitate and contact us!