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Meet our new Computer Science and Engineering interns!

Meet Pim and Rowdey, our new talented interns! Both study Computer Science and Engineering at Hogeschool Rotterdam and are eager to learn more about data science and the maritime industry.

Data, data and more data…

The challenges of Pim and Rowdey are both in the field of Machine Learning and collecting data. For Pim, who’s in the third year of Computer Science and Engineering, it’s all about getting the right data to train the algorithm. “I’m going to develop an AI algorithm that will detect encounters, for example between a tug boat and another vessel”, he explains. Rowdey is in the final fourth year of Computer Science and Engineering and his challenge focuses on predictions. “Right now I’m collecting data with the goal to eventually create a system that will predict the next destinations of a vessel. I’m very enthusiastic about the idea that my end result will help improve Teqplay’s smart solutions in the future.”

Foosball as a new hobby

The first weeks of their internships have flown by. “The coaching is excellent and I like the Teqplay Team spirit. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about Teqplay’s very own foosball competition. I immediately joined it and it’s so much fun!”, says Pim. Rowdey agrees and likes to add: “Besides learning new things and growing in my future profession during my graduation internship, I think it’s also important to be part of a team and work in a nice atmosphere. I feel like Teqplay ticks all the boxes for a successful graduation internship!”

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