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Meet our newest team members!

We are dedicated to optimize port calls and the maritime supply chain by creating and innovating smart solutions. To get there, we require more people on board. The Teqplay team has grown with an office manager and three developers over the past months. In this blog, we would like to introduce them to you.

Before Rumiana Kransen moved to the Netherlands, she was a journalist for a big newspaper in Bulgaria. Quite different from her job nowadays, because in March she started as office manager at Teqplay.  “My job is essentially to ensure the smooth running of the office on a day-to-day basis and to facilitate the sales team”, she says. Although her tasks are mainly administrative, she also picks up office management tasks along the way. Rumiana appreciates the fact that she’s able to make herself useful for the company and she likes the small scale of our company, so each and everyone’s work have an impact.
One of the things Rumiana is most excited about is the opportunity to learn new things. She recently started functional testing from the perspective of an end-user. “I like being a tester, because I would really be a part of the IT-process. I’m really excited about that and the fact that I get this opportunity!”

FLTR: Vasyl, Rumiana, Immanuel and Leon

We welcomed two back-end developers in our team in May. Leon Joosse is one of them. “My job is to gather information from various systems and serve it in an useful manner to our apps”, he says. He’s happy to work in a team with skilled colleagues on apps that are actually useful for the end-user. “I know it sounds cliché, but it really gives satisfaction if you build something useful for a customer.”

Vasyl Pidlisniak also joined Teqplay as a backend developer two months ago. He says: “This job gives me the opportunity to sharpen my skills as a backend developer and become a real full stack developer that would be able to take care of any project end-to-end. I get the chance to improve my skills as a lead and contribute to optimize the development process.”
Vasyl’s university graduation diploma work was about data analysis. He enjoyed the theme, but never got any commercial experience. “I appreciate that Teqplay offers me the opportunity to try myself in new roles”, he says.

A few weeks ago Immanuel Kattey started at Teqplay as a developer. Because of this short period of time, he can’t tell much about his experiences yet. “But obviously I’m excited to start this new job and increase my skills as a developer!”

Inspired by this stories and curious if you could join our team? Check our vacancies!