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Meet the new faces!

One familiar face and two new faces we’d like to (re)introduce to you! Ojas and Tim started working at Teqplay earlier this month and we already know Joost. Let’s have a chat and introduce them properly!

Ojas is our new front-end developer who recently started working at Teqplay. With many years of experience, we’re happy he joins our team. As a front-end developer Ojas will work on different projects. “I saw Teqplay’s vacancy for a developer on LinkedIN. When I started reading I found myself more and more enthusiastic by Teqplay’s approach and concept. So I applied and here I am!”, Ojas says. It’s quite a journey for him, because he was willing to move all the way from India to Rotterdam. “I am from India and have been working as a front-end developer in Bangalore. I have friends living in the Netherlands, but it’s my first time here and in fact in Europe as well. The culture is very different from my country, but I love to explore the Dutch country!”

We know Joost as one of the interns and he stayed working as a developer over the past year. For his graduation internship Joost has found himself an interesting task. “There are many events that have an impact on maritime processes and the operations. I’m going to build an application that gives insights into these events by detecting them through social media posts”, he explains. “I’ll have to come up with a way to detect (un)planned events like strikes and incidents. That will improve the quality of our predictions and that’s where the real value is.”

When we ask Tim why he and Teqplay are a match, he laughs as he explains: “As a proud Rotterdammer in heart and soul, there is only one industry to work in and that’s the maritime industry!” His assignment will help clients to make better informed decisions and to improve the efficiency of their fleet. 

We wish Ojas, Joost and Tim good luck in their new roles and we look forward to see the results of the assignments of Joost and Tim!