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Meet the new Teqplay’ers!

We’re starting off the new year great with welcoming two more Teqplay’ers to the team! A chess lover who left a big corporate for a career at Teqplay and a student at Erasmus University who loves data… Let’s have a chat with Niels and David!

Niels is our new Head of Product. “I started my career working for a start-up in Berlin and after a detour I’m very happy to be back at one, here at Teqplay. Although Teqplay is outgrowing that definition and should be called a scaleup now”, he says. “I’m all about efficiency and well-organized processes and so is Teqplay!”

Niels started his job as Head of Product only two weeks ago. “The first week was overwhelming with loads of information. I’m new in the maritime world, so I have to get used to all processes and terminology. The team gave me a warm welcome. The next couple of weeks I’ll take a deeper dive into all the different processes”. As Head of Product, Niels will implement the product and business strategy in the development organization. “Central question is what are the requirements of our customers and how do we make sure our solutions fit their needs and solve their problems? The translation from business to data is something that really interests me”, Niels explains.

For the near future Niels has a clear goal: “I want to create products that fulfill the needs of our customers, build them with a nice team and bring the company to the next level. And of course I’m eager to learn more about product management and the industry itself!”

David started his job as Data Engineer back in November. “I validate data from the CSI (Central Ship Intelligence). Pam and I have already processed almost 40,000 tickets and now I’m going to help process other data”, he explains.

David is combining his work at Teqplay with his study International Bachelor Communication and Media at Erasmus University. “I’ve been to the office twice and I love that Teqplay is located in such a famous building in Rotterdam. However, working from home is ideal for me, because it’s easy to combine with my study.” After graduating, David likes to work for a corporate company. “But first I like to learn a lot of technical cool stuff at Teqplay!” he laughs.

We’re happy to keep growing as a team, both in numbers as in skills. Ready to take Teqplay to the next level!