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Out of the box with Teqplay’s R&D Day

One day off from your regular work that you can spend on anything Teqplay related… Creating a new feature on an already existing tool? Learning a new programming language? Trying out a new framework or library? Developing a server/website for our foosball competition? Or something completely new? On Teqplay’s R&D Day anything is possible!

Last year Frontend Developer Damon came up with the idea of organizing a day where developers can spend one day on various projects with only one rule: it should be Teqplay related. After a successful trial for our Frontend developers, now all developers join this fun day where creativity and learning new skills are encouraged.

On the last edition of R&D Day developers Michel and Darius worked on miniaturizing a deployed app. Michel stuck to the basics and tried to make a Kotlin-based app as small as possible, and experimented with GraalVM. “It was a great opportunity to spend more time on something than you would normally be able to get away with, and to test out a lot of different tools and strategies. For me, it wasn’t really about the result, but about learning new things, such as how Docker images are composed and how you can analyze this easily”, he explains. Darius went even further and used the opportunity to explore GO, a completely different language than we normally use at Teqplay, and was able to create a highly slimmed-down version of the program with this.