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Teqplay @ Waterklerken Banquet Antwerpen

Saturday the 8th of December was already reserved in our agenda for a long time. Teqplay was invited at the “Waterklerken Banquet -2018”  of the “Koninklijke Vereniging der Waterklerken Antwerpen“. A lot of tall tales had been shared with us. The kind of stories that belong to the world of ports.

In addition to the tall tales, good food, plenty of drinks and a dive into the Antwerp traditions were promised. So you can imagine we were eager to leave Rotterdam to visit this party. We arrived early, because we didn’t want to miss anything.

Did we get what we expected … yes definitively! We met great people and good stories (not to be repeated on this public blog) were shared. We loved the location, the traditions, the speech and songs of the president “Dirk Daems” and of course the “Lied van de Waterklerken” and as was promised famous ice-boat.

It was nice to be welcomed as a new player in the world of the “waterklerken” with already 97 years of tradition. We are looking forward to next year!