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Blog cover image showing CEO Léon and CCO Bryan in their discussion about overcoming resistance to change and transforming maritime industry.

Overcoming Resistance and Uncovering Opportunities: Transforming the Maritime Landscape

In the fast-paced world of business, change is inevitable. Yet, one common sentiment expressed by maritime companies when faced with innovative solutions is the perception that it’s just too much work. In their conversation, Léon (Teqplay’s CEO) and Bryan (Chief Commercial Officer) delve into the various facets of this resistance to change, and how to take the first step in transforming maritime processes.

Understanding the Complexity


Léon, an expert with more than a decade of experience in the maritime world, points out the crux of the issue—business complexity. Implementing change in a complex environment is daunting. However, he emphasizes that understanding this complexity is a crucial first step in transforming maritime processes. His team at Teqplay has developed a clear process to identify and expose waste without overwhelming the customers. The goal is to minimize their effort, eliminate the identified waste, and ensure a smooth transition to improved maritime processes.

Unveiling Hidden Costs


The cost of doing business can be a nebulous concept, often concealed behind seemingly successful operations. For many maritime companies, as long as they are still making profits, hidden costs are just accepted, with a kind of “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?” mentality. However, the discussion between Léon and Bryan highlights the importance of understanding these costs. This is where the opportunity to gain a competitive edge is at. Moreover, Bryan argues that passing costs onto one’s customers isn’t a sustainable strategy. With that in mind, their goal is to offer transparency, help companies grasp these hidden costs, and improve efficiency without burdening customers.

Overcoming Reluctance to Change

Resistance to change is a common human trait, often stemming from fear of the unknown, concerns about job security, or feeling disempowered. Such fears might stem from past negative experiences, or the perception that they lack the skills to start taking action. Léon emphasizes that addressing these fears begins with clear communication. His methodology focuses on explaining the ‘why’ behind changes, involving the team, and empowering individuals. By doing so, they tackle the reluctance to change head-on.

To Be a Hero

Bryan also touches upon a unique aspect—the fear of being exposed when presented with new solutions. People worry that implementing new ideas reveals past shortcomings. However, he assures that adopting innovative solutions is an opportunity to be a hero within their organization. It’s not about past mistakes; it’s about embracing a better future.

In the ever-evolving maritime business landscape, resistance to change can be a major obstacle. However, as experts, Léon and Bryan provide compelling arguments for embracing change, understanding costs, and addressing the fear of being exposed. With the right approach and mindset, organizations can transform their operations, becoming more efficient, competitive, and ultimately, heroes of their own success stories.