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Welcome to the team, Boma!

Teqplay once again welcomes a new member to our team! From now on Boma will be on board as our newest product designer. We have every confidence that Boma will contribute greatly to the growth of Teqplay.

Teqplay has always been action-oriented, and as the company grows, we have also built a great team of developers to achieve our visions. Today, Boma joined us on our journey to optimize the processes of the maritime industry.

“The maritime industry is the backbone of global trade, so I’m excited to see Teqplay use technology and data to modernize this industry”, says Boma.

We are very glad to welcome our new product designer to the team. As a company, Teqplay always aims to create the best innovative technological solutions. With Boma, we will further ensure that our clients’ demands are always met.

“As a Product Designer, I help ensure user needs are taken into account in product development. I look forward to doing that with the solutions we’re building at Teqplay”, says Boma on his role as a product designer.

Are you based somewhere other than Rotterdam and interested in joining the Teqplay team remotely? Let’s have a chat! Contact us at or give us a call for more information.