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Welcome to the team, Evi and Tes!

At Teqplay we’re always on the move to keep perfecting and further improving our data-driven solutions. Therefore it was time to welcome two new Teqplayers to the team.  Meet Evi and Tes, who are going to join us in our mission to create a future proof efficient and sustainable maritime supply chain.

“I never knew how complex and interesting the maritime industry is, but now I realize how much work has to be done to make it future proof through digitizing processes”, says Evi. Both Evi and Tes work as data engineers. “We are focusing on adding specific data to the Teqplay Platform to enable the developers with the right data to further optimize our solutions”, Tes explains.

The first weeks at a new job are often a little bit overwhelming, but Evi and Tes have found their way in the organization quickly. “One of the main reasons I applied for this job is the freedom I have to schedule my work hours how it fits me best. Many companies promise it, but then you find out it’s thin air. Not at Teqplay!”, Evi says. Tes likes to mention that she really likes the Teqplay team spirit. “Even working remotely and not being physically in the Rotterdam office, I still feel part of the team.”

Are you interested in joining our team? Take a look at our vacancies and send us your (open) application!